What we do

State Committee members:

  • Are branch church or society members and members of The Mother Church and have had primary class instruction and have a deep love for Christian Science institutional work
  • Oversee the work of the State Committee and its part-time employees and all of the activities of the chaplains and local committees
  • Are approved both by the existing State Committee members and by a majority of the six Sponsoring Christian Science branch churches who supervise the State Committee
  • Serve for a two-year term with a maximum of 4 consecutive terms
  • Meet online – usually every other month for a couple hours and also communicate frequently by email and phone
  • Serve as liaisons to the local committees. Each State Committee member generally serves as liaison to 2 or 3 local committees and attends all local committee meetings. As liaisons they serve as consultants to the local committees and as conduits for information between the local committees and the State Committee.
  • Are often also involved as visiting or corresponding chaplains or have had institutional committee experience in the past.