Our freedom to not “cling to personality

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Our freedom to not "cling to personality.”  by Tony Lobl. June 28, 2021  Christian Science Sentinel. A visiting chaplain needed to be willing to  “look beyond the personality of one of the inmates,” and “to see all that is ungodly as completely separate from the one exhibiting ungodliness.” https://sentinel.christianscience.com/shared/view/1t476tqa3w8?s=e

Light in the prison

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Rose, Cebastien, “Light in the Prison”, 11/7/2016, Christian Science Sentinel. A Christian Science Chaplain shares how prayer provided him with an opportunity to see harmony and goodwill prevail when faced with an inmate who loudly and angrily disputed some passages from the Bible Lesson and how he has also witnessed a turnaround in general

A spiritual vision for prison reform

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Talcott, Brian, “A Spiritual Vision for Prison Reform”, 10/17/2011, Christian Science Sentinel. A Teacher of Christian Science shares inspiration he has gained from his Christian Science study that contributes to healing of both individual inmates and our prison system. https://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/2011/10/113-42/a-spiritual-vision-for-prison-reform

Direct access to God even in prison

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Interview with Alicia Sanchez Alivarez, “Direct Access to God – Even in Prison”, 4/26/2004, Christian Science Sentinel. A woman wrongfully incarcerated finds true freedom through the study of Christian Science while in prison. In turn this new view leads to physical healing and the overturning of her conviction. https://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/2004/4/106-17/direct-access-to-god-even-in-prison

Courage in the prison compound

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Warmack, Wanda, “Courage in the Prison Compound”, 4/7/2003, Christian Science Sentinel. A young woman in her 20’s just out of graduate school starts a job as a correctional officer in an all-male prison with a lack of confidence and some fear. She soon becomes the subject of a threats on her life by an

A prisoner finds something he can count on

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Larrance, Stephen, “A Prisoner Finds Something He Can Count On”, 2/19/2001, Christian Science Sentinel. An inmate describes how learning about God in prison brought him peace in the face of adverse circumstances. https://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/2001/2/103-8/a-prisoner-finds-something-he-can-count-on

In 1992 a friend and teacher at the prison

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Name Withheld, “In 1992 a Friend and Teacher at the Prison Where I am Serving…”, 9/5/1994, Christian Science Sentinel. An inmate who had lived a life of violence and anger and hate for many years finds an entirely different way of life and a spiritual perspective through his study of Christian Science. https://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/1994/9/96-36/in-1992-a-friend-and-teacher-at-the-prison-where-i-m-serving

I feel compelled to write this testimony

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Amos, James, “I feel Compelled to Write this Testimony in Order to Show that…”, 9/20/1982, Christian Science Sentinel. A returned citizen describes how he found Christian Science in prison and was healed of deep drug addiction that had persisted for over 20 years and a heart condition and how he became a productive member


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Identityby L. Ivimy Gwalter. June 1942 Christian Science Journal. “Sin in all its forms is belief that man is incomplete, unsatisfied, and that because of his incompleteness  he steals, lies, lusts, hates, and murders."  https://journal.christianscience.com/shared/view/25cd64ok5h2?s=e

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