State Committee Members:

Frances Belden, Chair
Daniel Bort, Vice-Chair
Nick Nowak, Treasurer
Marilyn McDonald
Pam Spitler
Ellie Wrobel
Steep Weiss

Local Institutional Committees

Central Coast
Greater LA
Kern County
North Bay
Northern California/Nevada     (Previously Northern California)
Orange County
Riverside/San Bernadino
San Diego
San Francisco/East Bay   (Previously San Franciso and East Bay)
Silicon Valley     (Previously Santa Clara County and San Mateo County

Christian Science Committee on Institutional Work in California, Inc.
Heather Tice
Executive Secretary
PO Box 1237
Hollister, CA  85924

Phone: 1-831-265-7717


The Christian Science Committee on Institutional Work in California was formed in 1956 to coordinate and unify the various institutional activities conducted in California.  Known as the State Committee, it communicates with all branch churches/societies within the State, keeping them informed of the work and its fruitage.  It administers the finances, appoints the chaplains recommended by local committees, provides the Procedures and shares information obtained from State-wide institutional authorities.  It also conducts workshops for local committees and communicates with the Committees on Publication regarding contacts with State officials. A State Committee member is appointed to attend the State Advisory Committee on Institutional Religion (SACIR).

The activity of the State Committee operates with the oversight of Six Sponsoring Churches, three in Northern California and three in Southern California.  These churches are invited to serve in this capacity because of their overall active support of institutional work.  They ratify the Bylaws of the State Committee, approve election of State Committee members, and review the annual tax return.  A State Committee member meets with the executive board of each of these churches at least annually and keeps them informed of the Committee’s activities.

The State Committee is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation under the Internal Revenue Code.

State Committee members:

  • Are branch church or society members and members of The Mother Church and have had primary class instruction and have a deep love for Christian Science institutional work
  • Are approved both by the existing State Committee members and by a majority of the six Sponsoring Christian Science branch churches who supervise the State Committee
  • Consists of five to seven members who are elected to a two-year term with a maximum of 4 consecutive terms for a total of 8 years
  • Are often also involved as visiting or corresponding chaplains or have had institutional committee experience in the past
  • Meet online – usually every other month for a couple of hours and also communicate frequently by email and phone