We know that having a family member or friend locked up can be a big challenge both to the inmate and to friends and family.

We also know that turning to God whenever we are faced with challenges can make a huge positive difference in our lives. Turning to God doesn’t just numb the pain or give us false hope. Turning to God is a practical and proven way to change what is going on in our lives. The Bible is full of accounts of people experiencing protection, redemption, harmony and God’s grace in their lives even when the situation looked desperate or hopeless. We are confident that God’s help is just as available and just as effective now as it was in Biblical times both for you and for any inmate. God loves each one of us absolutely and unconditionally. As we turn to God with an open heart and try to live more in accordance with His will we find increased peace and joy and the solution to every challenge that we face. We aren’t trying to recruit you. We want to help you. Please click on the menu options below that look interesting to you.

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