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Our primary mission is to minister to those who are incarcerated. For more information about that activity, click here [ ] [clicking this link takes the viewer into the About us for the Public submenu].

We recognize, however, that an inmate’s family and friends are also often in need of spiritual support and uplift and the well-being of an inmate’s family is usually high on the list of concerns for inmates. Although we are not set up to provide social services to families and friends of inmates, we are always happy to hear from families and friends for any of the following purposes:

  • Inmate referrals to family or friends: When an inmate wants to share with you what he or she is learning in his or her contacts with us.
  • Family or friend referral of inmate: For those who want to have us contact an inmate to see if he or she would like to be in touch with one of our visiting chaplains or one of our corresponding chaplains.
  • Family or friend investigations: For those who want to know more about the Bible and investigate how Christian Science can bring peace and joy and healing into their lives through a fuller understanding of God and their relationship to God.

We also offer to friends and family the following:

  • California Facility Locator:
  • Inmate locators: For links that will help you keep track of where an inmate is located, click here.
  • Christian Science resources: For a link to the location and contact information for California Christian Science churches and reading rooms, click here.