If you like “transformation” stories you’ll like this video.

In particular it’s the spiritual shift that causes an “impossible” outcome that you really want to notice.

We don’t use the word “impossible” in any light way to describe the ending. Historically speaking this is an ending to a story that NEVER happens. And these are the sentiments expressed by the judicial system of the State of California.

Briefly these are the themes involved:

  • Drugs.
  • Alcohol.
  • Depression.
  • Suicidal urges.
  • A violent disposition.
  • Physically dangerous to others.
  • Someone to be avoided.
  • Even on the inside.
  • Disowned by her family.
  • Facing 54 years of prison time.
  • Not much going right.

Until she crosses paths with a God who mends broken lives.

And Chaplain Cindy.

A sweet, gentle Christian Science Chaplain.