If you’re an inmate in one of California’s 309 prisons or jails you are surrounded 24/7 by cinder block, concrete, steel, and drab colors.

Not exactly the feeling you would want in your home, right?

You’re about to see what happens to a wall inside a chapel, inside a men’s jail, in Santa Ana, California, when it meets mural artist, Alex Cook.

Alex isn’t just any artist. He’s on a mission. His colorful murals and inspirational words have a clearly designed purpose in mind: to instantly uplift the hearts and minds of each person who comes into contact with it. What a gift for the men in this jail.

While we couldn’t film on the inside, you will see a time-elapsed camera capture Alex’s amazing and colorful vision all the way from start to finish.

And picture this: the inmates who are helping Alex paint, are smiling. And that’s the point. When we’re comforted and reassured of our value…we’re happy. And we want to share our happiness with others too.

See if this short video doesn’t bring out a smile in you too.

For more information about Alex and his murals, please visit www.youarelovedmurals.com