Heroin addiction. For some 1.5 million American’s, heroin addiction is an everyday nightmare; even a lifelong sentence. It’s tough to beat as the chemistry of the drug takes over cells and controls one’s life. Actually, the deeper issue is what psychologists would call an “addictive personality”, which simply means one has personality traits predisposed to addictions that keeps the addiction in place.

Can prayer and spiritual study alone heal someone with an addictive personality? Can it heal a daily drug addiction? From personal experience the answer is yes. Absolutely. When the heart is transformed spiritually—that is when one begins to loath their life and is willing to do anything in their power to turn their lives over to God—that’s when the chains are broken. When one’s relationship to God becomes the focus of their life the relationship to addiction, along with the addiction itself, fades.

In this inspiring story told by Chaplain George, you’ll hear about a woman with a heroin addiction. And she beats her addiction in prison when her heart is spiritually transformed and freed of her addictive personality and the trail of hurt it causes. It’s a story of redemption. And no matter where we are in our lives we can all seek to be redeemed of something standing between us and God.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did videotaping this wonderful story.

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David Fowler
Editor, Lightinprison.org