When you think about the healings performed by Jesus what comes to mind? To me spiritual transformation is what I think of first. And by spiritual transformation I mean what happens when doubt, worry, fear or stress is given up and displaced by trusting more in God–whatever the outcome of that trust might be.

As you are about to hear the process of letting God do the transforming work in one’s heart has profound–or as some might say “miraculous”– implications for those transformed.

The story you’re about to hear is told by Chaplain Ann, a Christian Science Chaplain who ministers to inmates in a County Jail. The inmate in this case is a man who is learning how God, through prayer, changes the heart first. The change of heart in turn changes the body–making it function in a more harmonious way.

It’s an inspiring story of hope, transformation and light.

Is there something in your heart that needs to be made right with God? Then be ready to let God clean your heart, as the Prophet Jeremiah tells us to do. And watch the results.

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