Not all violent storms are weather related. Take the storms that can, and do occur in our state’s prisons, jails and youth detention centers when inside the walls emotions are running high. Personal vendettas, gang related retribution, or the backlash of anger towards guards and prison policies can produce highly dangerous situations for anyone in or near the situation.

But then throw into the mix a Christian Science Chaplain who turns to God in complete prayer. That is a prayer filled with trust in God’s ability to calm the heart of each individual.

In this video, you’ll see how Chaplain Holliday’s prayers turned what was likely going to be an explosive event into much better outcome.  This enabled her to perform her chaplain duties.

It’s our hope in sharing this video that when storms come your way, in whatever form, that you too stop, stand still, and let the peace of God fill your heart and overflow into the environment–for the good of all.