Hola y bienvenido. Yes we’re now going to be offering some of our Healing Newscasts in Spanish. And you are about to see and hear the first one.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak this beautiful language. We have subtitles so you can follow along and not miss a thing.

When a woman locked up in jail has young children on the outside, the pain of separation and loss can be unbearable. And this is the sad case for many women in our state prisons and jails. But what happens when your children are now in the care of your “ex-husband?” And to add to the drama, it’s an “ex” who may not wish you well. An “ex” who doesn’t speak well of you. An “ex” who may not want you to see or associate with your children at all.

You can see how this would bring about a deep sadness and regret.

But then prayer gets introduced into the picture. And not just any prayer. But a prayer that began with “listening.” Still you might be wondering if any kind of prayer is enough to actually soften another’s hardheartedness? Can it melt down another’s hostility and anger?

Absolutely yes. According to Christian Science Chaplain Rebecca, who met with this women in jail, this is exactly what God can do through prayer when we surrender our wants and our fears to God. And when one no longer wishes to draw battle lines between family members, that’s the opening that let’s God’s soothing love in.

But see for yourself. We think this is a wonderful story and a timely reminder that when we’re silent and listen to God, that He provides both the prayer and its solution.

Is there a family member in your life that needs your forgiveness or encouragement? Or do you need to be forgiven? Then maybe this woman’s story will inspire you. We hope so. And remember, God’s love and forgiveness is as near as your willingness to accept and impart it.

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