We love sharing stories that defy human logic. Especially stories that prove—once again—that “nothing is impossible to God.”

Ready to be inspired? Then watch this amazing story, as told by Christian Science Chaplain Dave. It features a man serving time in a California State Prison who has been deaf in one ear for many years. And now isn’t.

In fact the doctors at the prison pronounced the man’s hearing to be perfect in the once deaf ear. And the man is now happily able to join, and communicate with, the general population as a result.

How could something as improbable as this happen when there is no human remedy for deafness available? In a word, prayer.

In this man’s case his prayers did not involve speaking words to God…but rather listening deeply to God. And then hearing God. It was “hearing” God that made all the difference. But let Chaplain Dave tell you the story. It’s not very long. But it’s definitely worth your time.

You know we produce these video interviews with our Chaplains not only to showcase their amazing stories but to lift your spirits and inspire you too. And we fully expect these monthly videos to encourage you to turn to God and there find guidance, peace and yes, even healing.

We’ve also just released our second video interview in our new “Interfaith Series.” In this series we interview people of all different faith traditions who are ministering to people in our prisons and jails. It’s our way of building bridges and opening constructive dialogue among those of differing faith traditions.

In this installment we interview Walt Opie, Executive Director of the Buddhist Pathways Prison Project, Inc., headquartered in Sacramento. Buddhism is one of the world’s oldest religions with much wisdom to share. Walt and his group are doing much good in the prisons. And we hope you enjoy what Walt has to share.

As always we invite you to feel free to leave a comment or tell your own story. We really do love hearing from you.