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Visiting Chaplains:

  • Are members of both a branch Christian Science Church or Society and The Mother Church and have had primary class instruction and be nominated by their branch church or society and approved by both the local committee and the State Committee.
  • Go into institutions where people are incarcerated (e.g. jails, prisons, mental hospitals). The specific institution in which they serve is determined jointly by the chaplain and the local committee and by the receptivity of the institution involved. Some visit multiple institutions.
  • Are governed by the rules of the institution in which they operate and by the State Committee’s Procedures and are guided by prayer and their reflection of infinite Love.
  • Are trained by written materials and workshops and videos and interaction with other chaplains.
  • Interact with inmates in one-on-one sessions and/or in small groups and/or participate with chaplain assistants in providing Christian Science services. Many of these interactions are similar to Sunday School sessions
  • Give individual Christian Science treatment through prayer to an inmate when it is requested by an inmate and is appropriate under the circumstances.
  • Are rewarded with their own amazing spiritual growth and an intense satisfaction that is found in helping to uplift and profoundly change the outlook of inmates to a more spiritual perspective.

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