Imagine this situation: you are standing on the street, just enjoying the day. Suddenly you look in front of you and there’s a man coming directly toward you. In his face you read that his intentions may be less than good. Next you look at his hands at his side…in one he’s carrying an open knife. Now just a few feet away he’s coming at you much faster. What do you do?

Do you run or do you pray?

And if you pray, it certainly can’t be a long wordy prayer. There’s no time for that. But you do have time to pray by feeling God’s instant love–that is you do have time to unconditionally love the man coming toward you. And trust God with the outcome.

In this case, both men are in a state prison. So this is not an unlikely event. Incidents like this do happen there. But in most cases, the outcomes aren’t as surprising as this one turns out to be. This story, as told by Christian Science chaplain John, was told to him by the would-be victim.

One of the important lessons here is that the prayer of “feeling God’s love” blesses a lot more than just the one praying.

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